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Alpenglow Ascents is a rock guiding and instruction company.

We provide top quality outdoor climbing opportunities in the state of Maryland. Whether you are an individual or a group; an experienced climber or just want to learn we would love to show you the ropes. 


Our goal is to increase the number of competent outdoor climbers in the Maryland climbing community. We want to introduce you to the great sport of outdoor climbing. Let’s get started Contact Us for upcoming events and programs.


Hey what is Alpenglow?

Alpenglow is what happens to the mountains at sunset. As the sun falls behind the mountains a soft hue of reds, oranges, and even pinks and purples start to silhouette the mountains. Eventually the colors will start to look like a glowing off the mountain peaks.

Mt Baker (Taken from Mt Shuksan) 2016 - Photo Credit: Dan Ulinski


Climbing for a Day

Come enjoy the outdoors and let’s go learn what rock climbing is all about. Perfect for an individual or group who wants to give rock climbing a try. Our team will give you or your group maximum individualized attention which will accelerate the learning process and increase the fun for the day.

Learn to Rappel

Rappelling is how you descend rock cliffs after you are done climbing them. It just so happens that it is an amazing experience in its own right. This program can be tailored to you or your group to maximize your fun out on the rocks.

Learn How to Setup Top Rope Systems

This program has been developed to give you the tools necessary to be efficient and secure while at the cliffs on your own and enjoy the time out climbing with friends and family. We will review gear, and discuss different methods for setup of top ropes. The goal will be to have a series of anchors that could be employed at any Maryland, Virginia, or Pennsylvania Crag.

Advanced Top Rope Anchor Systems

This is an advanced level course to help you dial in your top rope anchors, and to give you more options when the anchors are not as straight forward as you would like. We will also cover how to belay from above and other top managed site operations. Become the expert on top rope cragging and ensure you can handle any type of anchor system securely and efficiently.

How to Self-Rescue

In this course Alpenglow Ascents instructs how to handle certain rescue situations that could pop up in your climbing adventures. The goal of the course is to give you the tools necessary to handle real rescue situations that require some additional / advanced instruction and practice.

How to Trad Lead

Ever wonder what it would be like to traditional lead climb? When in a gear shop did you ask yourself “What is all that climbing gear for?” Well, we can provide advanced instruction and experience to give you the tools to be able to successfully lead traditional rock climbs. This style of climbing opens new doors and new crags to visit!

Private Guiding

Alpenglow Ascents can tailor the climbing and instruction to you and your goals. We will bring the ropes, adventure, and smiles. Spending a day with a guide will give you the security that you will be with a professional that can not only provide a great outdoor adventure, but also a learning environment to collect key rock climbing elements that will improve your experience on the rock.

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  • Black Crack – Annapolis Rocks, Maryland

  • Ounce of Perception – Annapolis Rocks, Maryland

  • White Arete – Annapolis Rocks, Maryland

  • Two Bag Face – New River Gorge, West Virginia

  • Frogland – Red Rocks, Nevada

  • Pinnacle Buttress – Mount Washington, New Hampshire

  • The Burn – Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

Dan started climbing about 15 years ago when a college friend asked him to go to a local climbing gym in PA. His friend asked him if he had an ATC and Dan was like “what does Air Traffic Control have to do with climbing?” After spending 20 minutes in the gym’s parking lot Dan was ready to belay. After that first session Dan was hooked enough to get a membership and give some climbing outside a try.

Since that point Dan’s passion for the outdoors has blossomed. He can be found climbing any chance he gets. He spends most of his time climbing in the Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia climbing areas. Dan has climbed in the East Coast from Kentucky to Maine, and as far west as Washington state.

Dan is just as passionate about instruction as he is about the climbing itself. He wants to share the joys of rockcraft and help generate proficient and safety conscience climbers. His focus is on instructing climbers on any level and helping them reach their goals. 


Whether this is your first time out climbing or your 20th Dan has tips and tricks to help improve efficiency and maximize your climbing time and ultimately your fun.

CURRENT CERTIFICATIONS: AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, Wilderness First Responder, and AIARE Level I




$200 per day

$150 per 1/2 day


$160 per person per day

$120 per person per 1/2 day


$120 per person per day
$90 per person per 1/2 day



Thank You! Let's Get Climbing!

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